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Hi there! I'm a web front-end web developer. I also do back-end, desktop and mobile stuff. I like to help people and solve problems.

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Computer Systems Engineering


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Paracetamol.js💊| #14: ¿Qué imprime este código JavaScript?


Paracetamol.js💊| #14: ¿Qué imprime este código JavaScript?

Mmm creo que ha de ser un iterable... apuesto un cuack a que ...

Paracetamol.js💊| #4: Explica este código JavaScript


Paracetamol.js💊| #4: Explica este código JavaScript

Mm creo que porque el operador == hace una conversión de los ...

Basic concepts of JSX and Virtual DOM every React JS developer should know

Nice. BTW, your code could be more beautiful if you write ´´...

🤔 How should I build my Frontend for a huge project?

NextJS has a lot of advantages. I recommend it

10 Helpful React Components Library For Developers.

I love beautiful dnd. Btw, you should add ant design. It is a...

Custom React useFetch() hook for data fetching with revalidation

Nice! Working with graphql I saw a hook called useQuery which...

Roadmap for React JS 2022

Hey, look at that. There are 404 users that saved this :) I w...

Last Chance to Join the 2021 GitHub Actions Hackathon on DEV!


Box shadow vs. drop shadow in CSS


My front-end Web development projects.

Hey. I love your calculator!! I will try it by my own. I will...

CodeLand is almost here! 🌈

Yeah! I've already purchase my ticket :)

Introduction to HTTP

It would be nice to add some description and common usage of ...

What are Callbacks in JavaScript?

So nice! One of the more confusing code I found when trying t...

¿Qué es lo que mantiene motivados a los equipos de desarrollo de software?

Vaya, muy bueno. Además de esos puntos a mí también me motiva...

A Complete Guide to JavaScript Dates (and why your date is off by 1 day)

Wow, finally I understand. I were in a mess but I can get it ...

My one year review of blogging on DEV

Wow, so nice! What a journey

Cypress - End to End Testing Framework

Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm trying to impleme...

100 underline/overlay animations | The ultimate CSS collection 🥇

Wow, so nice!

What was your win this week?

Yeah, I read it! Thanks for sharing

What was your win this week?

We've completed a lot of tickets this week!

Windows or Mac (or Linux😁) for devs?

Yeah. I love it. I use cinnamon. What desktop do you preffer?

Show off your Workspace 👩🏻‍💻💯

Niice. Is that react native expo?

Show off your Workspace 👩🏻‍💻💯

🙊 I'm working hard to have a nice house someday

Learning Kubernetes - Part I: Introduction

Great post! I'm waiting for the next ones. I like that people...

Getting started with Tailwind and React: A simple login form tutorial.

BTW, In the last code snnipet you imported the components in ...

Getting started with Tailwind and React: A simple login form tutorial.

Nice! I think this is a great utility to build our own compon...

7 Short Tips to Growth as a Developer

Learn to Ask Better Questions I agree!

Install MacOS in a VM on Linux

Wow. I will try it out as soon as a buy a new laptop. Mine di...

Google Keep Lite - Building Google Keep clone using reactjs

Great! I wanna try it by myself :) I think it would be nice t...

Introducing Our Time For Tech on Dev.To


What do you think about GraphQL? Who's using it? Love it, hate it? Tell me why?

I like it too much. I think we are faster when it's about bas...

Oops, I just pushed a git commit to the wrong branch. What now?

Thank you! I've read the discussion comments and I learned a ...

What I'm learning with live coding

Yeah! I'm the kind of dev who use to watch livecode streaming...