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re: Rails quick tips #1: Console sandbox
I wish I read your comments earlier today. I was testing out ...
re: 10 best Javascript libraries in 2020.
no love for rxjs
re: How are you keeping up with your hobbies?
I really enjoy taking photos and forging memories. Because of...
re: Common Java myths and misconceptions
I'm currently learning SpringBoot with Udacity. Taking a dip ...
re: Let's Build for Ruby and Rails developers
thank you, this is our rubyist & railist need.
re: I'm still using Firefox
Firefox is the best
re: Github Actions to run Rubocop and RSpec tests on Rails with Postgres
Thanks for this!
re: mycontribution - View Your Contribution Graph From the Terminal
haha thats cool
re: How do you exercise? šŸ’Ŗ
Thank you for sharing yours, curious how other developers d...
re: Springboot vs. NodeJS
What about incrementally adopting Typescript within your te...
re: Java is NOT EASY to learn. But still worth :)
Can't agree more. I am Rails Developer who graduated from b...
re: How do I discard or undo changes in Git
with new git version you could try git restore šŸ˜‰
re: Is VScode Truly Open Source?
Thanks for the article! I will migrate for my personal comp...
re: Looking for Great Headphones
I suggest you try them all, they are all great. Just down t...
re: 4 tips to stay fit as a software developer
failed at daily routine part šŸ˜æ
re: It's my birthday!
This is awesome cake!
re: Filetype settings in .vimrc
Very useful! needed this very much. Cheers!
re: Rails Minitest Has Many And Belongs To Model Test ActiveRecord::UnknownPrimaryKey Error
I have posted on stackoverflow haha
re: Rails Minitest Has Many And Belongs To Model Test ActiveRecord::UnknownPrimaryKey Error
I figured it out myself, I dont need fixture to do it.
re: Vim for People Who Use Visual Studio Code (Full Article)
same here! I switch to vim with tmux 3 month ago. I used th...
re: 10 Best Books to Learn Data Structure and Algorithms in Java, Python, C, and C++
Iā€™m taking online lectures for algorithms and data structur...
re: What's one thing you wish you knew before you started programming?
You don't have to be good at math.
re: VSCode Settings Sync
been using it since last year, it's so good
re: 101 Bash Commands and Tips for Beginners to Experts
sick post! need these
re: Set up My Computer with Me!
we have the exactly the same setup... but recently i switch...