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I'm a techie, gamer and tinker with web dev. Currently learning how to make games in Unreal Engine!

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Bachelors in Computer Science


Digital Media Director

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CodeLand is special, and I'm not just saying that.

Happy Codelanding! I've met lots of amazing people through it...

What's the most fun you've ever had coding?

Making a small JavaScript game in a browser. It's the exactly...

๐Ÿ‹๏ธ Train your WEB DEV skills with online games ๐ŸŽฎ


How do you learn?

Thanks very much! It's my first game lol ๐Ÿ’š

How do you learn?

I'm definitely a visual learner and learn best with peers I...

binary: what? why? how?

You called? :D

On Finding Time to Read.

Yes this! Libby is a great app if it supports your library ...

How I used the Goodreads API to pick my next read

Like native JSON endpoints ๐Ÿ˜

How I used the Goodreads API to pick my next read

Oh snap, this is clever! I just got back into reading a lot...

Hacktoberfest Miscellaneous discussion (October 10th)

3 PRs so far! I'm super excited and having fun!

The DEV Team is now 100% Distributed

Congrats @devteam ! I remember learning about you when I di...

Kicking It Old School โ€“ IRC with Irssi


Kicking It Old School โ€“ IRC with Irssi

YES exactly! College days for me :D

Hacktoberfest Starts in Six Days ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽ‰

woot! I hope to contribute this year ๐Ÿคž

How often do you clean your screen/keyboard?

Hmmm. Once every few months or so when it look uber grimey....

Your First Year In Code: Now Available In Print!

YES! This is wonderful! Thanks for you all being wonderful ...

Codenewbie's Codeland Conf in NYC

It was my first one as well and trust me when you show up, ...

Introducing a New Initiative: IRL.DEV

YAYAY thank you for this! Great idea :)

Terrible Interview Questions

rofl the team fired and string.reverse() ones gave me a chu...

Pink Theme > Any Other Theme

Dark mode is bae on all the things ๐Ÿคค

How to Crush it at the Start of Your New Developer Job

I appreciate posts like this, no b.s!

Advice On Being an Ally to Women in the Software Industry

This is very well said, thank you for being an ally and rec...

New Years and New Beginnings: I'm Joining the DEV team!

Wooo congratulations!! Can't wait to see more content!

Trying New Things: Game Development

Thank you, I'll definitely check it out!

I'm planning to ditch my MacBook and move away from laptop computing

I find it quite seamless as I mainly write websites in JS/a...

Do you pronounce it Dev dot 2 or Dev dot Tee Oh?


How do you stop the desire to learn too much?

Dang so true!

I'm planning to ditch my MacBook and move away from laptop computing

I've never tried BSD, I should give it a go ๐Ÿค” Anything bett...

I'm planning to ditch my MacBook and move away from laptop computing

Yesss yesss welcome to the dark side! I completely understa...

A Complete Beginner's Guide to React

I need this so much!

Good keyboards matter.

...they do, Mac OS is based off of FreeBSD :D

What are you learning right now?

React or Vue, because I'll finally feel like I'll overcome ...

Good keyboards matter.

I welcome you to the other side my friend! The only thing... is now open source

I never said congrats here! I'm super happy to support and ...

Are there any Mastodon instances for devs?

I just joined and like it so far ๐Ÿ‘

Good keyboards matter.

This is literally the reason I switched from a new Macbook ...

How Art School Prepared Me for Programming

I can relate to this very much. Sometimes I feel stuck betw...

A medium sized read about large sized loneliness

I'm totally with you here! Learning to go to meetups and k...

Node.js send JSON to local client

Hi Arristoteles, What I ended up doing was creating a butt...

Async programming basics every JS developer should know

This is really great and succinct! I understand it...I thin...

My Journey from Sysadmin to Developer

This is my story! Thank you for sharing. Still gotta work t...

Add SMS Notifications to Your Rails App Using Twilio

This is amazing! I could have used this when I was working ...

Node.js send JSON to local client

Annnnnd I have success! I realized I needed to do exactly w...

Node.js send JSON to local client

Thanks for your reply! So it's a workflow issue, I think I...

EVERYONE, please join us for #SheCoded 2018!

This will be amazing! I can't wait to read everyone's stori...

Need help in learning CSS!!

I'd definitely recommend playing with frameworks, as they g...

What do you do when StackOverflow and the internet fails you?

Purchase a rubber duck! No but really, I haven't been tech...

Developing the Star Wars opening crawl in HTML/CSS

Wow this is amazing - I can't wait to try it!

105: Ghost Blogging Platform with John O'Nolan

I've just installed Ghost on my VPS and love it so far! I'l...

Announcing Sustaining Memberships for

Take my money! This is a great community, thanks for creat...

What are the best options on the market for external computer monitors?

I always hear Dell Ultrasharps are awesome!

Changelog: Bookmarks!

Great idea! Better than adding to my Pocket and forgetting ...

What's your promise for 2018?

Thanks very much!

What's your promise for 2018?

Yes! Year2018.hardwork.then((success) => { console.log(...

One Useful Advice To Fight The Impostor Syndrome

Thank you for this article! It helps me to it read over and...

Programmers that can't type shall be shunned and treated with disdain.

It's not a deal breaker, but knowing how to touch type, rea...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

I could never remember "rails new myapp --database=postgres...

What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize? actually brilliant! lol

#18: Saron Yitbarek

"IN YO' FACE"! Oh I love Saron! :D

Explain GraphQL like I'm five.

This is an awesome explanation! adding to Pocket

I Suck At Whiteboard Interviews

Oh lawd, this is so tough! Thanks for your article and telli...

My Journey to the Vast World of Text Editors

It's funny, I got used to Sublime Text, but actually really l...

Hi, I'm Liz

Thank you!!