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Active Health LLC at Mohali

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Status Codes: HTTP Status Codes

replied over there :)

Why some API response codes are subjective ?

200 Status code is the best practice while the search data or...

Advantage of TLS 1.3 over TLS 1.2

Awesome explanation over 1.3 security, well done more explana...

Entity Framework Interview Questions And Answers | Freshers | Experienced

Thanks! check now corrected :)

Learn how to use Linq in C# and .NET

very well explained, it's quite helpful :)

Status Codes: HTTP Status Codes

HTTP 418 updated now :)

Do you prefer video or written coding tutorials?

I used both Video and written Tutorial

I struggle with pacing, do you?

Well done sir πŸ™

Running F# in WebAssembly with Bolero

Thanks very helpful :)

9 Projects you can do to become a Frontend Master

nice information shared, here is also a good comparison of ...

The game changer: React or Angular or Vue?


Best Web Developer Accounts to Follow on Twitter?

me followed you :) who followed you, it's your responsibili...

Understanding delegates in C# - did I get it right?

Awesome :)

πŸ—„οΈ The easiest way to scrape a website with Javascript (in Node.js)

Wonderful information shared :) here is also awesome Videos...

Send daily automated tweets from a Google Sheet by using Google Scripts

Very cool stuff information shared! it's nicely alternate t...

Status Codes: HTTP Status Codes

Sure, I'll add HTTP 418 in list :)

Status Codes: HTTP Status Codes

Glad to know Rohan :), it helped you.

Monitoring Quality with Error Tracking

Very well explained :)

9 Cool React & React Native Examples: websites, applications, and experiments

thanks for sharing so valuable information :)

Importing Style Files to Component Style Tags in Vue.js

Very helpful! thanks for sharing :)

How To Scale your Startup with Web Scraping

very nice Scrapper API :), a free guide to be a Web scraper...

Free Video Library: Be an Expert in Web Scraping with Free 15 Awesome Video

welcome :)

A Quick Script to Find Broken Links on Your Site 🎯

Thanks Fred to navigate my website and checking cool stuff ...

5 Delightful Things about Material-UI

sure will let you know :)

5 Delightful Things about Material-UI

will use Material-UI in my next app, thanks for sharing :)

HTML/CSS tutorial: create a simple responsive login form

Valuable stuff to learn CSS/HTML :)

A Quick Script to Find Broken Links on Your Site 🎯

It's very nice explained and very helpful to find out broken ...

Tracking .NET Code Quality with NDepend

very helpful, will use it :)

Converting Object to an Array in JavaScript

thanks!! it's very helpful

Learning F# β€” Web Scraping With F# Data

If I,LL take time then definitely try with python (very kno...

Learning F# β€” Web Scraping With F# Data

Okay! But good overview to introduce F#,I never used it but...

Create a Simple Web Scraper in C#

Thanks Rachel to taking your time. If any help then please ...

Create a Simple Web Scraper in C#

Yes Rachel, these (HTMLAgilityPack) are advanced libraries fo...

The Benefits of Owning a Personal Blog

Beautifully bold everyone :) !!!

Intro to Web Scraping a Table

Here an article ( whi...

Learning F# β€” Web Scraping With F# Data

Here is an article which explains 10 easy steps (

Create a Simple Web Scraper in C#

This article ( will als...

Scraping tool

Here is working sample i.e.

πŸŽ‰ Celebrating 2K followers!

Congrats :) followed you,make it 2002!!!

Google's PageSpeed Insights API, C# version

Thanks Bruce for the implementation in visual studio using ...

Speaking At Technical Conferences

Quite Motivational :)

Differences between Dev and Stackoverflow.

Yes Zohar, Dev allows us very much rather than stackoverflo...

Icon systems for the web - an in-depth guide

Really very useful information, Thank you very much Adrian!...

I made widget for websites/blogs

Well done! I'll use it :)

Love at First Code

thanks for sharing vue js example!!! this is my blog Techno...

Love at First Code

I'm fully addicted of Visual studio languages especially C#

Love at First Code

Hello KJ, If you have good knowledge of Firebase, then can ...

The Free AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Course (85+ Videos!)

very helpful material!!!

20 VS Code shortcuts to speed up your flow ⚑️

Ctrl+Break ==> Build Cancel Run Code A...

How to get Email Stats from Thunderbird

It's quite helpful!

#SQL30 Day 1: Wildfires

Very well explained and helpful!

WTF is an API?

very good explained about Web API, how they are needed and ...

Welcome Thread - v43

Hello Eveyone, I'm new here and I'll contribute on .net Cor...