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A software engineer aimed at helping other using software technologies.

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Using AfricasTalking notification channel for Laravel

Thanks Much, Appreciate a lot,

How to create Helpers function in Laravel 8 (Global function)

Hello @kingsconsult Great post, but consider using markdown...

How to use SweetAlert2 in Laravel 8 using Composer

Its worth mentioning that the package already got support for...

Getting started with Mpesa Developer Portal

Your welcome @chazykeyz

hello world

Welcome to,

How to Operate with Monetary Values in JavaScript

While googling around i also found dinerojs

How to Operate with Monetary Values in JavaScript

Nice post, learnt much , great work withe JavaScript library,

Deploying a React App to GitHub Pages

Nice article, have you thought about using using a GitHub act...

My VS Code Setup

Check out Thunder client

When you should use Decimal over float in Python


Getting started with Mpesa Developer Portal

Thanks, happy to help

The Four Principles of Software Development

Best read of the day!!

Adonis JS the best Back-end framework

Nice article here The title of the post and this comment lea...

Laravel Dusk with Github Actions

Nice post, on a quick thought wouldn't it be better and abit ...

Face Recognition in Python

Thanks in advance.

Face Recognition in Python

Hey @aditya . Is there a Repo or gist with complete code?

Face Recognition in Python

Wooow, impressive 🀩

What terminal do you use?

Terminal - >Alacrity Shell -> ZSH Prompt -> Stars...

5 impressive react components

Nice collection.

13 Important Git Commands Every Android Programmer Should Know

Very general commands nothing special Check these out devhin...

Welcome Thread - v47


Getting Started With Mongo Shell

πŸš€ πŸš€ πŸš€

I built an online code editor


πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ What are some misconceptions about data science??

Thinking one can skip algorithms and go-ahead to start buildi...

Which Git Tool do you use in your work, Git GUI, Git Bash, Git CMD ?

GitKraken, Github desktop and the CLI with custom bash alias ...

Why is 32-bit called x86 and not x32?

True but also 286 was 16-bit microprocessor at first

Top 7 VS Code alternatives

Nice collection you have here

Top 7 VS Code alternatives

After alot of buzz about VS Code, finally we start talking ab...

Start your blog in 10 minutes!

woww πŸ˜‡ how convenient πŸ‘Œ

Signing Git Commits/tags with GPG Keys

thanks Chris

Deploying to Heroku: Docker, Go and React