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re: Redux or Context API?
okay Thank you
re: Logic & Problem Solving
Thank you. I find that very helpful
re: Node.js or Ruby?
For personal preference, I would recommend you go with node...
re: MacBook pro upgrade
Am not upgrading to a while2new computer. Am just changing ...
re: What technology do you want to learn in 2019?
Nodejs & GraphQL
re: The difference between HTTPS and HTTP
Yhhh I agree
re: Go or Python and why?
Okay. Thank you
re: Go or Python and why?
No web app
re: Go or Python and why?
Yes he is planning on building an app that will high perfor...
re: Is Ruby lang dying?
I asked cos there was a debate on going in one of my whatsa...
re: Is Ruby lang dying?
Yes you're right. Thanks
re: Is Ruby lang dying?
All submissions are welcome please
re: I'm Scott Hanselman, ask me anything!
Ohk thank you but what if you graduate with a C but is stil...
re: I'm Scott Hanselman, ask me anything!
Is a college degree really important to be successful in th...
re: Newbies Introduction to Ruby on Rails
Ruby is undoubtedly one of my most favourable language. It'...
re: What made you want to become a dev?
Mine is the idea of the power the computer has to be able t...
re: What are your must-read programming books?
1.Pragmatic Programming 2.Mythical Myth 3.Clean code Thes...
re: Create your first website on GitHub Pages
Yh that's awesome tool
re: What skills, besides purely technical, do you look for in other developers?
Oh yes.
re: Learning Rails in 2017
If you're new to ruby on rails and you're looking for place...
re: What are your biggest struggles in learning JavaScript?
You're damn right