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re: Ways of Seeing: ORMS & SQL Views
Ah! This is cool!!
re: Showing Kindness while Programming
Yaaaas! I love this. (faith in humanity restores)
re: Explain Map-Reduce Like I Am Chef In Russian Restaurant
Oh my gosh, I love this 😂
re: Favourite albums to listen to while coding
Hahaha I love it
re: Solve long, then solve fast.
Thank you! I don't know anything about C# yet, but I want t...
re: Solve long, then solve fast.
Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that!
re: Formal Disciplines and Cargo Cults
re: Learning to think like a programmer.
I would certainly advise "Practical Object-Oriented Design ...
re: Healing songs, healing code. How I'm using my side project to heal (part1)
This is so cool!
re: Solve long, then solve fast.
Ah! True. Fixing now. Thank you! :)
re: Solve long, then solve fast.
Thanks Ben!!!
re: Solve long, then solve fast.
Hey Aleksei! Can you extrapolate? I'm wondering if I have a...
re: Why I like
I love this place. I read stuff on it just as much as I rea...
re: How do you shift between the coding mindset and other head spaces?
I switch to singing or playing piano. If I can interact wi...
re: On Dealing with Anxiety and Depression as a Developer
This is fantastic. I'm just getting into the field and I kn...
re: Welcome Thread - v18
Why thank you! Programming is great-as someone coming from ...
re: Welcome Thread - v18
Such a great question. Its certainly the most challenging t...
re: Welcome Thread - v18
yay Ruby!
re: Welcome Thread - v18
Hi all! I'm a student at the Turing School in Denver. I stu...