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Freelance Developer at self-employed

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What's your favorite Static Site Generator?

My own! 😜

Server-Side Analytics with Jamstack Sites

I thought you were going to talk about something like this (s...

I received first donation on my open-source side project and it felt great 😍


What editor, browser and terminal do you use?, Google Chrome and Windows Terminal.

Create a Landing page in less than 100 lines (incl. CSS) πŸŽ¨πŸŽ‰

Nice article!

What do you use shell scripts for?

Generating static sites 😜

Which is the best Linux server distro?

Ha, no! I just thought to add it as I also use it on servers....

How do you promote your open source projects? got me lot of traffic for my bloatless static site ...

How do you backup your projects?

I usually use GitHub and also on my VPS-es I use ...

Which is the best Linux server distro?

My favorites are Void Linux and OpenBSD.

What your GitHub readme look like?

Just created on these days

Welcome Thread - v92

Hi Stephanie!

What are your favorite Microsoft products?

Windows Subsystem for Linux 😝

What are you glad you no longer use?

Very glad to have switched from Ubuntu to Void Linux/OpenBSD....

What if we would share code instead of packages?

Copy & Paste is a great solution for code sharing. In fac...

Just launched!! a11yresources - A growing list of accessibility tools & resources

Awesome design!

What OS do you use for development?

I run two VPS-es. An OpenBSD and a Void Linux one. I connect ...

Top 3 commenting systems for your next coding blog

I find super cool for static websites.

Do Github stars matter?

Same, I generally discover cool things when I revisit my star...

How to get better at vim?

I personally switched to or plain vi(...

What's your favorite domain registrar?

I'm also a customer.

Stop Using React

It was both! Why is 'investing effort" a good thing? Isn't ho...

I'm thinking of replacing Ubuntu, what do you suggest?

Either or They're very close to th...

I Translated Big Scary Tech Terms to Human so You Don't Have To

Haha! Nice! 🐡

Welcoming Christina Gorton to the DEV Team!

Welcome Christina!

Stop Using React

What do you mean by "low effort"? Also I invite everybody to ...

Where do you host server-side code?

I'm not writing server side code at the moment but I would be...

What was your win this week?

Found out about Netlify and Vercel deploy buttons today and a...

Get Satisfaction or You Are Doing It Wrong

Satisfaction and integrity are two key words here!

How anyone can make and deploy a modern website for free

Thanks! I also host some simple tools here adi.tilde.institut...

How anyone can make and deploy a modern website for free

If you feel tired of JavaScript, you can also use my nojs sta...

What gives you the most anxiety?

What anxiety?

This Image Is Also a Valid Javascript File

Pretty cool hack! Nice!

What shared hosting providers have you tried?

Again, I'm recommending I host my static site ge...

Improving website performance by eliminating render-blocking CSS and JavaScript

Great work! Thanks!

Say Good Bye To Lazy Mondays!

You won't feel laziness if your goals are "preferences" rathe...

Say Good Bye To Lazy Mondays!

Feelings of laziness are the product of goal setting, ambitio...

Where do you host your static sites?

I don't think there's a faster way in terms of launching. πŸ˜› ...

Why static sites are back

I got tired of JavaScript and built

Where do you host your static sites?

I host my personal site on tilde.institut...

Today I learned how to merge using the CLI. πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

As a challenge, see if you can piece together my static site ...

As a dev, what do you think about time-tracking?

If it's done for supervision reasons, I dissagree if it's don...

Today I learned how to merge using the CLI. πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

My favorites are and

Today I learned how to merge using the CLI. πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

What operating system are you using?

15 Top web development trends in 2020

I would add static sites and static site generators to this l...

Today I learned how to merge using the CLI. πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Haha! Have no fear of the CLI! It's very powerful!

Hello to all at!

Hi Kiran! 🎈

How to DIY an Electronic Desk Calendar?

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

My Awesome window manager configuration

Maybe it's a good idea to post a screenshot here also?

Let's create a GitHub Action (super simple tutorial)

I personally got tired of JavaScript land, but but cool video...

I present my Github Profile

Not my preferred stack but your profile page looks pretty coo...

Top 10 Static Site Generators to watch in 2020

I got tired of JavaScript and built, bloat-less, simp...

What was your win this week?

Made a logo for The black bracket represe...

Faven - A web tool to help you generate favicons

Maybe you could add some templates? That would be great for q...

10 tiny helper scripts for devs!

If you're into this stuff checkout my projects and ad...

Create a live-reload server for front-end development

I recently came across, no server required.

what are your biggest challenges (problems) in actual project work and solved?

This is a big itch I scratched when it comes to quickly build...

It's roguelike boilerplate launch day, yay!

Congratulations on the launch!

What was your win this week?

Getting on Didn't know it was just a p...

Welcome Thread - v87

Hi, My name is Adi, I'm a minimalist freelance developer. I'...

What is a static site generator?

I build to be simplest solution I could think of whil...

Before building your next static site with React, consider this

I built because I felt tired of JavaScript. It's a b...

Self-hosted analytics with umami on Vercel

I'm pretty sure I'm going to build an analytics system around...

9 Steps to Get 100 Stars on GitHub is a bloat-free simple static site generator. GitHub ...

What is the simplest static site framework?

Hi, Sorry I'm late to the party! You may prefer to take a lo...