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Discussion on: Having a Good Relationship with CSS

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I would implore you to please remove the link to w3schools and replace it with MDN.

w3schools is notorious for slightly bad information. The problem is that despite having most of its content mostly correct, the finer details are often incorrect and lead to a lot of misled developers wasting time unnecessarily.

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Ben Halpern

Can you give some examples of this? I believe you but I feel like it's gotten better over time and the reputation is slightly worse than the reality as it stands today.

But I'd love some examples to get a better idea of the gripes people are still having with that site.

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Quick example that I just googled:

"HTML h1 to h6 tag"

The <h1> to <h6> tags are used to define HTML headings.

<h1> defines the most important heading. <h6> defines the least important heading.

The <h1> and <h6> tags are not "more" or "less" important.

The numbers indicate their rank which are used for outlining a document:

per the spec:

These elements have a rank given by the number in their name. The h1 element has the highest rank, the h6 element has the lowest rank, and two elements with the same name have equal rank.

These little details might not seem important at first, but imagine what happens to your JavaScript when you get some little details wrong.

I had this same conversation 9 months ago.

The problem with "getting better" is that if you go from being "terrible" to being "bad" it's still "getting better" but not "good".

w3schools has the problem of not being a primary source. Many developers take the information and assume that it's valid because it's got "w3" in the name (despite not having any affiliation with the w3c). As the web changes, the information on w3schools goes from being moderately useful to being misleading.

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Sarah Chima Author

Personally, I found w3shools helpful and I can't say they've misled me in any way.

Though the content on topics there are not always in depth, they can serve as a quick reference.

Thanks for suggesting MDN, I'll add it right away. :)

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MDN is honestly amazing. I really like their approach.