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Discussion on: Solutions for storing state in a database

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but what if that calculated value is being required in few or many places, wont calculating it each time add to the response time? is it still viable to not store a calculated value and rather store a db event? is calculated value being accessed multiple times good enough reason to store it in db? like in your case, calculating the account balance by summing up the transactions that took place, wont that be too intensive cause practically there is no upper limit to the number of transactions that can happen.

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Daniel Benzie Author

Absolutely correct. Calculating the stored value takes computing resource. That’s why when searching/filtering you used a stored value cache.

In my specific example you can use something like a statement period. When a new statement is generated you persist the balance. When calculating the current balance you take the stored and sum any transactions since. This prevents any editing of previous financial data. It also means in the future you can even archive historic data.

The benefits are similar to the ones discussed in the article. Write only transactions. Race conditions become impossible. Full audit of an account and it’s balances at any one time. This is another article in itself :)