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Record your desktop activities and analyze your efficiency (+kanban, +pomodoro)

zxch3n profile image Zixuan Chen ・1 min read

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I sometimes work on several projects and as it's often the case I lose track of how much effort I've put to each of them🕗. Besides, I am bothered by distracting apps and mails when working. I'd love to know how much efficiency I lose due to these activities. At the same time, I use the Pomodoro method🍅 a lot at work. Why don't I combine them together✨? So I made Pomodoro Logger in the last few months.

It now supports

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique to manage your time
  • Collect and visualize your desktop working activities, i.e., the names and titles of the using apps, locally
  • Use integrated Kanban Board to make your schedule control easier
  • Analyze your efficiency (It will detect whether you are using a distracting app based on the setting. For the algorithm, I read a few papers about task switching and implemented a heuristic method. I'm still working on improving it with my friend who is majored in psychology)
  • Win / macOS / Linux

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Great work! I use both Kanban and Pomodoro to keep track of my daily tasks. Thanks for combining the two and making your app available on Github.