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Breno Lopes do Carmo
Breno Lopes do Carmo

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100 Days of Code

I really want to start this project but i don't know how to make the first step. You guys have some tips or a roadmap for this project?

Remember, be awesome

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Have you ever heard of The Odin Project? It is a FREE, self learning curriculum for those wanting to be full-stack web developers.

I highly recommend it!

Good luck, I'm doing #100DaysofCode as well!

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Breno Lopes do Carmo Author

Wow, thanks a lot for this. I will be checking on your progress, I hope you can achieve your goals on this challenge

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Freecodecamp has a very good curriculum for web dev and it's quite project based. And for intermediate Dev's there is fullstackopen from Helenski university.
You can pair this curriculum with yt courses eg. Freecodecamp yt channel and now you can get most out of this curriculum.
Ps: This is what I do, I love to pair video and text courses and once I finish I make small projects from scratch

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I also love these resources that you mentioned! especially the one for University of Helsinki.

While having a lot of resources is great, I really recommend sticking and finishing them one by one. it's easy to get overwhelmed if you jump from resource to resource.

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Chiamaka Ojiyi

The course from the university of Helsinki is awesome and very valuable. I'm a backend engineer embracing frontend and this resource has been a treasure

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I highly recommend it after The Odin Project!

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no worries! I'm just sharing my love for free, high-quality education.

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What project are talking about?

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Breno Lopes do Carmo Author

I was talking about the 100 days of code.I wanted to know where to start and how to set goals in 100 days of code. Preferably focus on development using react

Sorry the post was not very clear.

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No Problema Breno. I did not know also what is "#100DaysOfCode".

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Gurcharan Singh

Hi @breno ,


Before you go ahead keep in mind that being a newbie programmer you will be overwhelmed with so many questions and you will face a lot of difficulty in solving the problems. It’s okay if you take more time in solving the questions but don’t be discouraged.

Try to solve the problems on your own first even if it takes a couple of more hours. After spending many hours if you don’t get the solution then you can stretch yourself for a few days or take the hints. As you will progress you will see improvement in yourself and also you will take less time in solving the questions.

Day 1 to Day 10
Choose a Programming Language and Learn The Fundamentals of it
You need to choose a programming language and you need to be stick with it. Explore various programming languages, read about them, try it out in your code editor, and check if you’re comfortable with it or not.

Day 11 to Day 20

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

Now it’s time to learn the most important part of the coding i.e. Data Structures and Algorithms. This subject is mostly taught in undergrad and most people ignore the importance of it. But the topic in this subject is the most important thing to cover in the coding interviews.

Day 21 to Day 40

Solve Basic Level Problems

Once you get familiar with the basic data structure and algorithm practice for the basic coding questions. Practicing basic level questions will help you in stretching your mind and it will prepare you to tackle medium level problems.

Day 41 to Day 60

Solve Medium Level Problems

Now it’s time to practice for some medium level questions. Medium level problems will prepare you to solve harder problems and these questions are most likely asked in the interviews. Try to solve almost 150-170 medium level questions within 20 days. Depending on the time and speed you can increase the number of questions. Almost 7-8 questions a day within the timeframe of 4-6 hours are good enough.

Day 61 to Day 75

Solve Hard Level Problems

Once you solved the basic and medium level question, move to the hard problems which are the last ones. Try to solve almost 80-90 hard level questions within 15 days. Depending on the time and speed you can increase the number of questions.

Day 76 to Day 85

System Design

For beginners, this section is not much important but sometimes interviewers asked system design-related questions to the non-experienced candidates as well. So it’s good to know about the system design part as well. Firstly learn the basic concept of system design such as Load Balancing, Caching, Proxies, CAP Theorem, Consistency, Sharding or data partitioning, etc.

Day 86 to Day 92


Now it’s time to study the two most important computer science subjects, operating systems, and database management systems. Most of the time junior engineers struggle with the OS and DBMS related questions and skip this part. But preparing these two subjects are also important for the interviews.

Day 93 to Day 99

Object-Oriented Design

Prepare yourself for an object-oriented design question for 7 days. You should have a good understanding of software design patterns, SOLID/DRY principles, and various oops concepts. Some object-oriented design questions are given below…

Design an ATM
Design Vending Machine
Design a Parking Lot
Design a Movie Ticket Booking System

Day 100

Cultural Fit

Last day prepare yourself for the cultural round. Companies do not hire toxic people and also they don’t hire candidates who are not passionate about the product. Understand the culture of the company. For example, in Amazon culture is deeply rooted, and they conduct the bar raiser round. They care a lot about the leadership principle.

I am mentioning few resources that might help you complete your 100Days code goal —

Recourse Lists

There many more can do google..

Was this Answer helpful? If so, please let me know at the bottom in comment section.


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Ubani Friday

Great road map