Using Que instead of Sidekiq

Pete Keen on March 13, 2019

A project I've had on the back burner for quite awhile is my own little marketing automation tool. Not that existing tools like Drip or ConvertKi... [Read Full]
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I keep meaning to write up something about find_in_batches for this type of scenario.

I have tested quite a few things in this area, and the one which seems to work best is adding a select and pluck:

Contact.not_opted_out.select(:id).find_in_batches do |batch|
# call Sidekiq with batch.pluck(:id)

This lets you fully leverage ActiveRecord, but minimize an model creation/etc.


Ah, good point! We actually use pluck in a piece of code very similar to this at work. Select and pluck seem like a powerful combo for this kind of thing. If I have time later I’ll add a benchmark for that.

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