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Why I Want To Stop Using Google Adsense

Initial Article ==> Why I Want To Stop Using Google Adsense

Adsense's policies dictate what content you should publish and how your website should look like.

I see this to be very limiting. It kills the freedom of expression of the publishers. People write for various reasons and on various topics. It doesn't encourage original content and it dilutes messages. Words and figures of speech have different meanings in various regions in the world. It's a mistake to judge content based on a single standard. In several articles, I have been restricted to use terms like "longevity of software", "when do you spend client's money or funds, etc.", Images with AI illustrations, etc. The list goes on. Besides, they impose to you where you should place the ads on your websites implicitly shaping your website's design and content. I have a sever concern with this. I am pretty sure that ads won't show in this article because of those terms I am bringing in and the fact that I am criticizing Adsense.

Ads should earn as far as one shows up on my website

Adsense displays ads even if it doesn't pay the publisher, and whatever happens, Adsense takes funds from advertisers. It's a cheat. It hurts to see that you had some hundreds of genuine visits but at the end of the day your income is just $0.0X These ads just got displayed to my visitors for nothing. Nothing.

Geolocalization injustice

Revenues from most countries, except the USA, Canada, Australia, and their liking, are dangerously too low. This happens especially to Africans and Indians. If Adsense decided to underrate our countries, then there is no need for me to use it. It seriously pains me to see that a whole day, hardly my content can earn $0.5 after all these ads displayed on my website because they judged that our content is not good enough for them. But, was it not good for us, we, in these countries you qualify for unworthy? If we must write for those rich countries' standards before our content gets to be seen as good, that is unfair and reduces diversity and creativity to one thing. So, Adsense shouldn't have reached here in the first place....

Full Article here Why I Want To Stop Using Google Adsense

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