What is DEV.to? and what it wants to be?

zoel profile image zoel zoel ・1 min read

Hello people, what the title suggests!


Editor guide

For me it's like Facebook for develolers as most of the posts here are:

  • shallow
  • short
  • opinionated
  • click-baiting
  • can't be trusted

Still a good place to get a feeling for what's going on in the community and get inspired every once in a while!


You are so right. It is very rare to find a good example or tutorial on almost any topic.

I just skim through the main page everyday and am mostly disappointed. Good that I pay for medium as the quality of articles there is much better. I understand the good intentions of dev.to but it's just as you said - not a really dependable place.


Don't (popular) medium writers get paid though? Which kind of makes it their job to vet their articles / sources compared to DEV?

I haven't been on DEV for too long but I agree that it's more like Facebook where most people just verbal vomit (not always a bad thing), engage others, and once in awhile you find the really inspiring posts which makes this place more fun than medium.

Yes medium pays for content and charges for it too. Anyway, I think of dev.to as a quick place to glance in hopes of finding something good. There has to be some editorial vetting for dev.to be interesting long term.


Sorry, a question about it, really worth paying the subscription of Medium?

Not all content on medium is worth the monthly $5 but just do some searches on topics like Keycloak or Angular or Spring Boot on dev.to and medium and then compare the quality of content.