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Synergy is king, and temperance is queen.

Linux girl, gamer, and programmer. <3 Math, Graphics, Art, Techno, & Blackholes. My heroes are Einstein, Hawkin, and Sagan. If i could have any superpower, it would be the ability to control time.
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So for the last three years I had been working on a peer to peer troubleshooting system. My primary role was developing a full stack windows, mac, and linux console terminal to access the features. It's sick, promising, but the unwillingness of my team to evolve, adapt, and grow takes it toll after about 3 years of development. 2 years of this I spend battling my co-founder on the benefits of open source software and contributions. That battle was won, and can be found for free on github. Perspective matters in realizing what ones true authentic goals are. Most often life is about the journey and not the zero sum game. What we have not as important as whom we have become.

Now this was a hard lesson to walk away from 1600 commits, 3 years, and millions of lines of code across several hundred modules. In a way it was like Alaska's bridge to no where. But really was the bridge about getting to Asia? Or just about teaching people how to build infrastructure. Genius or madness. We will let you be the judge.

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Do not get me wrong i love programming, and can find happinesses is almost everything I do. It was fun, it was challenging, and the opportunity to see could write a boot loader and shell in JS was asking for discovery.

Then one day it all changed. I woke up and realized how deep i got down this hole, and that maybe i should take my new skills and books read and written to find a new rabbit hole to explorer. It is only my 20 years of experience with startups and R&D projects did i realize that the hole was just a mobius loop. At the end of the day, really all that matters is if Bobby Tables can read your code 10 or 20 years from now. I have gotten calls and emails asking how something worked that I authored years ago. Great code, like literature, can be timeless.

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One great lesson I learned is how important what done means on at startup. I am a believer of closing that feedback loop to market ASAP. Get the feedback coming in for user drive design. This is a necessity of an organization trying to be agile. However, the startup industry isn't for anyone. The ability to smell, identity, and avoid s&*@ is paramount. Seriously, you step in that, before you know it its everywhere on your code. Next tunnel visions sets in, and well you might as well start applying for food stamps again and unemployment.

It is critical that once s*&@ is identified, whether it be of plagiarism, undocumented code, indentation wars, or just a terrible idea that wont work in practice. Move forward. trying to stick square pegs into round holes that do not fit, is insanity. These are the most dangerous people to entrepreneurs. The ones whom have something to prove, like hey look at me, i can code. That type of flimflam, will ruin your career before it started. Running a successful startup is about working together on a function or idea, not working alone in a closet.

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Synergy is king, and temperance is queen. We must always not just hear out our team members idea's but also understand them before having our feedback be understood. I mean let that idea roll around, wait a day before responding or whatever. Do not discredit any idea no matter how off-the-wall it might sound at the time. Anything can change at anytime, and most often what we get out of positive reception of others ideas is trust, and resonation. Both critical to new organizations.

to be continued...

Thank you for reading and please share your startup wisdom below. Have a wonderful day. Namaste.

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