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Simple Space Invaders Game

Linux girl, gamer, and programmer. <3 Math, Graphics, Art, Techno, & Blackholes. My heroes are Einstein, Hawkin, and Sagan. If i could have any superpower, it would be the ability to control time.
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Okay, so making games is something I am not new at, but for the last couple years I had been working on some full stack native app's in javascript. It has been fun to adapt my C and C# skills into the node javascript ecosystem. Adapting what i learned after these years and applying it back into my games is awesome. This type of technological diversity is the alchemy of creativity!

The best way i find to sharpen my foundational skill set and refresh language is to follow a thorough tutorial course. Boring i know, but it is important to walk before we run. No, I am not talking about a stack overflow or a 10 min youtube clip. Unity makes this real easy with their moderately newish online learning center.

Now as a programming, i scoured all of the modules and courses and found this beast of a course. It has feel and flow just that of college university.

at the end of this you will have programmed your own space invaders game. pretty rad right!

you can also directly download it from here:

This will make a fantastic boilerplate for and 2d game. Now i will be working on extending this basic starter system to handle 3d. I also will be working on putting in a more robust event based input controller system.

Anyways let me know what you think of the course! Thank you and have fun <3

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