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Learning Dragon Language

Linux girl, gamer, and programmer. <3 Math, Graphics, Art, Techno, & Blackholes. My heroes are Einstein, Hawkin, and Sagan. If i could have any superpower, it would be the ability to control time.
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This is just a current working draft of a computer language i am developing for simulating holograms. I hope maybe some might find this interesting or find some feedback.

I am hoping to find some people interesting in helping me research and develop a cohesive clear language to describe complex holographic data structures. I think we can do some pretty rad stuff with a language like this and rendering engine.

This was inspired by a lot of my research into quantum field principal and the holographic universe theory. By using Fourier transforms to encode and decode complex data structures, we are able to create and generate simulated holograms from observed entropy of a given localized quantum system.

Thank you for reading.

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