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Human Discovery is Paramount for Our Survival as a Species

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Discovery is paramount for human survival. For so long we have lived comfortable and warm, scraping by with little to know why or how our universe works. Protected from the cataclysm that surrounds our innocent and pure Earth. I will say this again the Earth, your world, our home is no longer protected. Be it from our own hand or from the hand of God, we must change immediately or we will all perish.


There is no more time left. The call to action is now. Our only hope at survival is to work together to overcome what has come to be of our dear precious Earth.


Just for a second I invite you to step outside yourself and look at the bigger picture of why. Who are you really. What if I told you that what you consider is real is not. It is merely a reflected project of our self's .. we are each stars which emit light. BUT I don't look like a light bulb.. no silly , your a prism. A reflection of a reflection is. Reflection.


The world is a PROJECTION of the SUBJECTIVE information stored as self organizing memories inside memories in your amazing piece of flesh meat between your ears.
The world is not objective as you have been taught. It is not driven but things outside of what we know or can measure. Infact, this is not some Elaborate plan of misinformation but merely the opposite of what the truth is.


Knowing this how can you justify your existence without accepting and admitting to your responsibly to be a good human. To respect and love each and every human as the unique star dust that they are. We are better than the borders and ignorance we have been carrying around from generation to generation.


We must let go now together or never ever. As a wise one once said before they were dead..

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