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Discussion on: I made 100 high-quality illustrations, totally free. Use it anywhere without attribution.

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Looks great! However these look a lot like this artist work whom was contracted by Microsoft to work on the new skype ui art


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Many websites use this kind of design, I think it originally started on Facebook a couple of years back, then Google caught on this bandwagon and the rest is history. It's so prominent currently because a) FANG started to popularize it b) it's easy to create and animate because the shapes aren't complex. It also plays well with material design / fluent desing themes. Of course this is a very rough summary, even within this type of design there are a few noticeable changes (use of gradient colors, shift to isometric perspective, grain textures, fantastic body shapes - e.g. huge heads, long legs and so on)

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I was wondering about this as well, Atlassian also has a lot of similar art.