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Discussion on: Can Office 365 really do all I wanted?

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I use libre and open. Office is like literary the worse app M$ has made. i feel your pain. I had a job at eDiscovery some years ago, and was tasked with a OCR image rec super computer. sounds fancy, but it was a recursive print to tiff system written with powershell and bat to control office via the command line. Many do not know this, but you can access every feature of office from the CLI and even install it without attention. I attribute this to their success. I mean who does't like to use microsoft products without of a GUI. i kid, i kid. What gets me is that they can produce Visual Studio and Server 2010 which are amazing pieces of software and look great; however put out office, which to this day still can not parse my RTF resume. lol. Really isn't it all about the end result. Most of the time i use google docs.