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Discussion on: A guide to Flow states for programmers

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Yes, i have read that. Bohm is one of the lesser known greats, however his contribution was critical to the development of modern science. Einstein is like the Scully of his circle of friends, so analytical. I guess anyone who worked patents for as long as he did would think like a patent. jk.

This talk reminds me of which i studied heavily while taking humanities in college on the implications of AI and super intelligence. Honestly that was like 20 years ago, and I really didn't dream we would be so close to the verge of what then was sci fi. That is saying something because i have always considered myself pretty future forward.

I would consider myself non-denominational; however if i had to pick a school to fit into, it would be Buddhist. I am currently deep into studying the life work of Hindu Parawashan Yogananda which is fascinating to read about the intersection of christianity and hinduism in his book on Metaphysical Meditations. I too have the same beliefs.

Well put. thank you very much for this intellectual topic. Interesting i original was going to college for astrophysics, but switched into EE, which seemed more practical. And eventually finding my niche in quantum computer science.