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Discussion on: A guide to Flow states for programmers

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awwh, another book lover! Thank you for the wisdom, you have excellent taste. Yoda would be proud. Here is an equation that is frequently used in energy physics.

"Use the formula v = λf to find the resonance frequency of a single continuous wave. The letter "v" stands for the wave velocity, whereas "λ" represents the distance of the wavelength. This formula states that the wave velocity equals the distance of the wavelength multiplied by the resonance frequency."

from the work of Max Planck; we can deduct that short waves which have very low energy, can be utilized by increasing the frequency. This is why the 2 minute rule works.

further more:

"Wavelength is related to energy and frequency by E = hν = hc/λ, where E = energy, h = Planck's constant, ν = frequency, c = the speed of light, and λ = wavelength. Wavelength the distance between any given point and the same point in the next wave cycle."

which was discovered by Erwin Schrondinger, while and refined by the Einstein & Bohr.

visually you can see it as


i know you might be thinking hey what the heck does this have to do with development. Chi is a meta energy that adheres to the same principals of all energy. energy is energy. its the potential required to perform discrete and continuous work. Consciousness is like the planck unit for information. It is what the subspace (hidden variables that contain entropic information) is contain in. Consciousness is the only thing in the universe that travels faster than light, which is why beings with souls are different then say .. well everything has a soul that is living. Einstein and Schrodinger touted this. This means that electrons which quantum tunnel are conscious, i mean they do know where to appear..

Interesting fact, these principals were exploited in the atari 2600, racing the beam. They used quantum tunneling phenomena to store lots of data in the beam of the TV. ya insane.

using these formulae you can determine exactly how much energy or work is required to produce desired outcome within a code base; after all its just a reflection of our, and organizations consciousness.

Thank you for the conversation. :)

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Daragh Byrne Author

Another book lover indeed! And thank you likewise :)

As it happens, I have a physics degree, and worked in computational physics for a number of years - so energy is familiar territory, as are the evolution of the ideas of de Broglie, Planck and so on. Einstein was notoriously uncomfortable with his discoveries in quantum mechanics. You may have read Bohm already? A book you might enjoy is A.C. Grayling's The History of Philosophy, it gets into the details of the philosophy of the soul. My meditation heritage is broadly Buddhist, and I try on the ideas of anatta for size.

That's an interesting idea about codebases and energy/work. I imagine in principal there is a way to perform such a calculation. In practice, we are notoriously poor at estimating, which perhaps reflects a disorder in consciousness :)

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Yes, i have read that. Bohm is one of the lesser known greats, however his contribution was critical to the development of modern science. Einstein is like the Scully of his circle of friends, so analytical. I guess anyone who worked patents for as long as he did would think like a patent. jk.

This talk reminds me of which i studied heavily while taking humanities in college on the implications of AI and super intelligence. Honestly that was like 20 years ago, and I really didn't dream we would be so close to the verge of what then was sci fi. That is saying something because i have always considered myself pretty future forward.

I would consider myself non-denominational; however if i had to pick a school to fit into, it would be Buddhist. I am currently deep into studying the life work of Hindu Parawashan Yogananda which is fascinating to read about the intersection of christianity and hinduism in his book on Metaphysical Meditations. I too have the same beliefs.

Well put. thank you very much for this intellectual topic. Interesting i original was going to college for astrophysics, but switched into EE, which seemed more practical. And eventually finding my niche in quantum computer science.