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Discussion on: How I lost 1 year of life doing failed crypto startup

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WARNING; uber nerdy TL;DR;WTFIT; It's An Artificial intelligent supply chain algorithm and network operating system. Some main features included a p2p hyperspace terminal, server, and client. An OS shell and boot loader written with c++, python, electron and nodejs. A built in mnemonic database factory, cortex map, neural net, and an IO socket web server. I do not have the money to build an optical trap quantum computer, but if i did i could and would. So i stopped, and started working on one of my games in hopes to make some money from that to pay for my new quanputer.

it's not uncommon for me to write several thousand lines of code a day when i'm in the flow; alas, is also common for me to stare at the same pages of code for days to weeks at a time with no changes. That also includes the meta code too like docs.

Yes its was the largest single undertaking i had taken on. The major problem is that the tech is just to future. Meaning we had trouble finding engineers with enough experience and passion to take the time to understand the new design patterns i was inventing. Im sure someone will find it one day, and be like holy s@*& what is this. it does that. wow. The pandemic hit, and everyone is focused on just trying to stay afloat and collect a check. I do not have a family so i have dedicated my life to the pursuit of science and fun.

Thank you for asking, I do not find many (like none) who care about what I am into. YOu made me smile.


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Przemysław Thomann Author

I think that it's the problem of every dev beginning with building products and some will never go beyond that: we start doing something because we like to build. It's the joy of development. The question is: can it be really called the trial of business/startup making? This should be the question even in my case :D I think that mostly I was driven by need of building (something interesting) rather than doing business. Your case sounds for me very similar.

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get out of my head! jk. i just love creating things. business i find just gets in the way of creativity. The joy of development would be a great name for a book.