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Discussion on: What are our responsibilities as software developers beyond writing code? 🌎💻

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nice points :) i agree. My answer would be, showing up and always being available when your team needs you. balancing personal and work life in a zen manner is a huge thing. software is stressful. Many have jobs in the industry, yet only a few make it a career. This s^*@ is hard and only gets harder everyday exponetially. I suspose that is what attracts me. i love me a good puzzle or riddle, sometimes even a well tuned js fiddle. But don't be stuck in the middle, and focus on what interests you :) People who just focus on collecting those nice paychecks, loose sight of the difference between a tree and forest; All is fine until someone with a career in comp sci needs that job. :) Thank you for sharing your perspective from the completely opposite end of our millienial generation then myself. you got it:)