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Discussion on: Four Things I Wish I Knew as the New CTO of a Startup

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thank you. nice insight. I have worn that hat before and have come to the same conclusions for my top five. my 6th would be

Delegation, Delegation, Delegation

Learning how to apply your strategy and delegate responsibilities swiftly and without vacillation. Value is inversely proportional to Time in startups. Most often Occum's Razor is in full effect, where usually the solution set with greatest value is implemented expeditiously.

Delegating your personal and professional responsibilities most often is a balancing act akin to walking a tight rope between the historic twin towers in NYC. EX: work late on Friday night, or spend evening at your kid's judo tournament. Choosing wisely and compassionately is key.

Finally implementing robust event delegation designs paradigms helps leverage the unknown nature of a new large enterprise code base that has a tendency to spiral out of control. Delegation design helps you easily test and modularize systems by creating a unified source of truth via a well documents open dto and API specification which outlines your organizations messages; weather being human to human, human to machine, or machine to machine. Thank you, and I hope you find my experience useful.