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Discussion on: I'm making an open-source DAW 🎵 (#1)

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Cool, I started working on an electron based DAW, as I want something fresh to make fresh music with. Something i can pull samples off from youtube easier. As well as use circular notation. There are no DAWs that can do this. I was also thinking of putting a flow UI behind the notation that is similiar to how Unreal Engine works or Max/MSP

QT is great but its awkward and requires writing wrapper API like openGL. yuck. There is a really stable native audio node module which runs outside the browser. i want to say QT runs under the hood but i haven't read the source code.

VST is pretty straightforward to implement. There are a series of channel inputs and outputs and you route audio PCM buffers directly into that.

I would be interested in working with this with you. I think the world needs this, and less of native instruments. My only requirement is to always keep it open source and not sell it to salesforce or NI.

What the hard part is, IMHO, would be to author our own algorthm for timestretching. Luckily i think we could possible port Paul's Timestretch (which i think is open source?) as a native module or wasm. With a proper timestretch algo we can do pretty much anything.

Thank you.