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Discussion on: What are our responsibilities as software developers beyond writing code? 🌎💻

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A topic of worthy discussion. thank you.

We have created a society that is breeding out critical thinking, creativity, and deduction; The one enemy of digital super intelligence. In a few short years computers programs will be writing computer programs. I call this the the developer user migration. As we approach digital super intelligence, developers are migrated into users linearly proportional

U = I^2 / D - U

(sorry i just made that up, U users, Artifical intelligence, D developers)

as you can see this is a sigma recursion, which spirals out of control real fast. check out the new show neXt which visually talks about this issue.

being a zillennial i grew up with the internet and the cold war. What is happening today in the word is terrifying to see the world addicted to such a vice. We need to stop everything until we have proper government and societal oversight. AI is

the future of programming will be talking to your alexa and teach it how to replace yourself.

i helped pioneer this field, and now i make video games and write movies for a living if that tells you anything.