3 Reasons to Be and Stay Lazy

zoebourque on August 27, 2019

I’m a lazy person (let’s be honest here, who isn’t). Though my parents keep telling me ever since I turned 18 that it’s a very bad habit, I’m conf... [Read Full]
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There is a big difference between the laziness of wanting to find an optimal solution so you can achieve a result faster, and the laziness of not wanting to code at all (procrastination). To engineer a non-verbose but efficient function/block of code, we need a proper burst of effort and thinking to achieve this. It's a product of laziness but it still requires one to be in the correct mindset.


Hi Zoebourque,

I like this so much!

At the beginning of my career (I was a SysAdmin) I was so lazy, that I learned to write scripts - bash, perl, windows .bat files, python... I was so happy that my scripts are doing my job instead of me :)

Later on my laziness brought me to become a developer. I am proud to be lazy person and I am happy about it!



Disagree, do things in less steps is not always the best way to do it.

Talking about software development you can do crazy things with a single line of code and it would no recommend you to do it.

Talking about cooking, the tastiness of many recipes it depends on how many steps or how many time do you invest on cooking, so I'll suggest you to enjoy some slow food and cooking.

About waste, ok, but is not about being lazy is about being practical. At last, in the case that you are analyzing, the need to be more nomad.

And… GTD, really? I don't know a more complicated system to organize yourself than GTD, so well, GTD is great… but a really lazy person is the contrary of GTD


Partially true, but it will be a real problem in the future...


Being lazy helps me being more creative! Great article!


I couldn't agree more, in fact describing myself as a lazy developer and explaining why it's a good thing was something I'd even go as far as to do in interviews.

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