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How To Use Open Linux Platform of ZMotion XPLC516E Motion Controller (2) – LOCAL Interface Connection

Before, we share "How To Use Open Linux Platform of ZMotion XPLC516E Through Qt Development (1)". And we talked about why XPLC516E controller embeds Linux Operating System, what advantages it has, XPLC516E open type Linux platform controller and Qt development under Linux. Then, today we are going to learn "How To Develop Motion Control of XPLC516E Linux Motion Controller ?

For ZMotion Technology XPLC516E Linux motion controller, Qt program can use local interface to link with controller, and directly do memory interaction, the speed is about 200us, which is faster one order of magnitude than PCI / PCIE data interaction.

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01 Hardware Connection


Connect mouse, keyboard, displayer, bus servo of EtherCAT and industrial camera to XPLC516E Linux motion controller.

Image description

Image description


02 Recommendation: use LOCAL interface


Qt project developed by PC can be connected to controller through net port, then, Qt program can be run on PC directly, or be downloaded into controller.

At the same time, ZMotion Technology Linux controller XPLC516E supports connection between controller and local interface of Qt program. I mentioned before, they can directly do memory interaction, and speed is faster than PCI / PCIE, so it is recommended to use local interface to build the connection with controller.

( Please note, Qt project developed needs downloading into controller )

Image description


03 Download Qt project developed by PC into controller


(1) Qt project download method

Also, there are two ways, download Qt project into controller through U disk, another, connect net port of controller to PC first, then download through WinSCP software. When U disk is inserted, there will show U disk icon in the desktop of controller Linux os. Double click U disk icon, enter file management, then download Qt project.

Download through WinSCP software, refer to below connecting method:

Image description

In addition, project can be developed directly through Qt software that is downloaded from controller, in this way, no need to download developed project. For detailed development process, please refer to Linux_Qt development steps of PC.

(2) Replace dynamic library

Download dynamic library ( of ARM platform into controller, and rename the dynamic library as, then replace the dynamic library that is in the Qt project developed by PC.

Image description

(3) Compile and run

At last, use Qt software that is downloaded from controller to compile the project, then, it's time to run.

Image description


04 XPLC516E Open Linux Platform


XPLC516E motion controller is with Linux operating system, and it supports HMI development by Qt machine.

Qt program can use LOCAL interface to link with controller, then use direct memory interaction for fast-speed. What's more, ZMotion provides PC library function (, then you could do motion control programming according to ZMotion PC Library Manual, and achieve linear interpolation, any circular interpolation, space arc, helical interpolation, electronic cam, electronic gear, synchronous follow, virtual axis setting, etc.

Image description

Image description

At the same time, it supports the third party's vision, controller has camera drive.

API related to camera acquisition can be directly called according to sdk of camera drive, or be called directly by the third party's vision software.

Image description

That's all, thank you for your reading -- How to use open Linux platform of ZMotion XPLC516E motion controller (2).

For more information, please pay close attention to "Support" and "Download" , and there are other platforms about ZMOTION -- Youtube & LinkedIn & Twitter & Tiktok & Facebook , including technical information (development environment, routine code), product showing, company development, etc.

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