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What Is The Best Way To Transcribe A Zoom Meeting

zishanahusain profile image Zishan Husain ・4 min read

If you’ve been meeting online, we’re pretty sure you’ve used Zoom at some point, or even more likely all the time. That being said, in a crowded video conferencing space which includes almost 200 such tools, Zoom has clearly emerged as a leader.
With so many people attending meeting, trainings, online conference et al on Zoom, the hunt for the best way to transcribe a Zoom meeting is never ending. The question that precedes this is often how to record zoom meeting. This is the very first step in the process for transcribing a Zoom meeting.
In this article, we will explore some of the most efficient ways of doing that. There’s a host of tools that can enable this for you. We’ll also illustrate how AI based meeting tools like AIRA can be your ally here

  1. Sonix
    What is Sonix? It is an AI based tool that can transcribe and translate audio and video files in 40+ languages. Zoom meeting transcription is a service they offer. You can follow these steps to transcribe your Zoom meeting
    • Record your Zoom meeting: Make sure you record your Zoom meeting by clicking the “Record” button at the bottom of you meeting screen. It can also be located in the “More” menu item in your Zoom screen
    • End meeting & Save your recording: Once you click “End meeting” that can be found on the bottom of your screen, a recording will be saved in “My Documents>Zoom”
    • Log in to Sonix: You can now log in to your Sonix account, or create a new one in case you are a new user. On Sonix, click “Upload” and from the folder “My Documents>Zoom”, select the file which you’d like to transcribe
    • Transcribe your Zoom meeting: This the final step of the transcription process. Choose the language in which you’d like to generate the transcript and then hit the “Transcribe” button. That’s it. Your transcript will be ready in less than five minutes

  2. AIRA
    AIRA is an AI based online meeting tool. It isn’t just a tool for transcribing your online meeting, but a complete meeting and calendar management tool. We recommend AIRA because it helps you achieve great meeting optimization, while elevating your meeting experience to truly next level.
    • Aira is such a perfect meeting assistant that she can attend your meeting and take notes on your behalf when you are held up elsewhere. She is the perfect complementary tool for Zoom’s recorded video function.

• If you have a paid Zoom account and Aira, you can sync all your Zoom cloud recordings into Aira. With this, you’ll get automatic extraction of meeting notes through her robust AI voice transcription feature. Zoom Pro, Business, and Enterprise allow meeting leaders to record their calls as videos.

• The meeting host can also enable video recordings of meetings by other members in settings so that anyone can record a Zoom meeting.

• All videos will either be saved locally or on the cloud in an MP4 video file format. Aira will transcribe the meeting using her Zoom Sync feature. All that you need to do is to set up Aira’s automatic transcription feature before the meeting starts. Simply;

  • Pre-approve Aira in Zoom marketplace
  • Allow live streaming in Zoom
  • Connect Aira to Zoom
  1. Zoom While you may know how to record Zoom meeting, generating a transcript for the same involves some additional steps. Your recorded meeting and conferences over Zoom are stored onto its cloud server from where they can be downloaded and processed further based on your transcription needs. However, not all users can access this transcription feature. The pre-requisites include: • Your Zoom subscription must fall under either of these categories- Education, Business, or Enterprise • Ensure that Cloud recording is enabled for your account • You must own the Zoom account, or have Admin privileges Once the above pre-requisites are met, you can follow these easy steps to transcribe your Zoom audio automatically Step1: Enable Cloud Recording Once you are logged onto Zoom’s web portal, follow this path: Settings-> Recording-> Cloud Recording, and then enable this feature by turning on the Cloud Recording toggle button

Step2: Enabling Audio Transcription
You can find the ‘Audio transcript’ box in the Cloud Recording section itself. Check this box, and click save to enable Zoom audio transcription

Step3: Generating the transcript
Start your Zoom meeting as usual. Since you’ve made the above changes to your account settings, the process now is easy. Just click the small arrow adjacent to the Record button on the bottom panel, and then click ‘Record to the Cloud’. Since audio transcription has been enabled for your account beforehand, Zoom automatically transcribes all recordings stored on the cloud once the meeting ends. Once this file is generated, Zoom sends a notification along with a link to download the transcript to your PC

So, there you go. These are just some of the many ways in which you can transcribe your Zoom meetings. While some of these are paid, and come with pre-requisites, you can opt for a more seamless and hassle-free experience by adopting online meeting tools like AIRA. It can not only record and transcribe your Zoom meeting, but also has features to download and share the transcript with participants from a single interface. Whatever may be the tool of your choice, do keep in mind that a clear audio recording, and meeting transcription software security are important to consider before adopting it for your usage.

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