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re: because, because,.... first time I wanted something like this, was when playing with the raspberry pi. for Arduino they have the Arduino Web IDE....

Still, I don't see the use case...

some engineer all of a sudden adds a new plugin to his editor that auto re format all the code

Stuff like this doesn't happen anymore, most plugin writers out there understood that this is stupid for this exact reason. If anything you have to intentionally reformat files. But usually you decide on a way to format the code in your team, if you don't use a language with a defacto standard to begin with.

the point for this module should be the 'one command setup'.

Not every developer will want to use the same editor. I have my Spacemacs config. Linking that from my syncthing folder and cloning the spacemacs distribution is a matter of half a minute and I am ready to go.
It worries me how everything is getting stuffed into the cloud "just because".

right, there is no one size fits all. This kind of module can help to move your code from a 'lock in' cloud into an environment where you have more control.

The browser can help you instantly to do collaboration in a more direct way then via git. (not replacing git)

thanks for this discussion, I am sure, this project will never completely be able to replace local dev environments.

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