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In my opinion the title "Implementing NodeJS" is misleading as anyone who reads this will think the post talks about the implementation of NodeJS using the ECMAScript specification.

Based on the content of the post and what you said in the second paragraph (emphasis mine):

In this post, we will take a look at how you would be able to incorporate Node.js into your Web Application. You are going to learn the usage of this from scratch as well as take a look at an example.

The post should be titled How to incorporate NodeJS in to your application or better still Getting started with NodeJS and NPM.


I had the same feeling as you. I came to this post expecting an implementation of NodeJS, but it is more like how to use NodeJS to run your Javascript code


Sorry to nitpick, but does anyone else find it funny that the main banner image code has nothing to do with Node.js?


Little may not know, but the cover image should correlate or at least have a connection with the content of the post.

Content writing is not an easy task.

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