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SHARING| BitCherry Testnet: Disruptive Innovation Lead the Era of Distributed Commerce

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BitCherry the world's first scalable blockchain infrastructure based on IPv8 Technology for business is committed to building a commercial thoroughfare linking blockchain technology with real society, and helping traditional enterprises build a trusted distributed business ecological environment.

On 24 December 2020, Singapore (GMT+8), BitCherry Testnet v1.0.1 officially started testing. BitCherry has realized nine major functions this time, and the subversive innovation of commercial level blockchain ecology has started from now on and is moving towards the future of "blockchain + commerce".

Disruptive Power Drives Redefinition of Business Model

In the era of distributed business ecology, new technology will comprehensively reshape the traditional economy, and human society will enter a new era in which the trust system is fully established, and the ecological vitality is fully activated. With the completion of BitCherry’s high-quality blockchain infrastructure platform, the distributed business ecosystem will grow on the infrastructure platform provided by BitCherry. As a leading project of distributed business ecology, BitCherry will continue to solve the problems of transaction security, management norms, ecological benefit distribution, etc., and eventually become an engine driving global industrial migration and shaping the new economy of licensee. With the help of BitCherry, global commerce will usher in a subversive blockchain revolution and productivity leap. The successful launch of BitCherry testnet has taken a milestone for this exciting business future. Based on the support of deep technical strength, large and complex business nodes will be linked by BitCherry blockchain infrastructure platform, and a more reliable business ecological network will be formed, which will usher in the evolution of business ecology.

Customized Solutions to Boost the Competitiveness of Business Enterprises

In 2020, the economy will be impacted by the epidemic. How to carry out business innovation transformation in the epidemic period? The growing maturity of blockchain technology has become the beginning of business innovation. As a technology pioneer in the field of blockchain, BitCherry supports customized blockchain applications in different business scenarios. BitCherry will build the underlying infrastructure and commercial applications of blockchain that can truly meet different business scenarios by condensing technology, community and ecological resources; solve the expandable pain points of blockchain through multi chain structure and physical fragmentation technology, provide fully customized services, and support completely private side chains, and each side chain is a complete commercial level blockchain solution, product traceability, supply chain finance, e-commerce platform, asset digital deposit, distributed cloud computing and social platform and other business areas to achieve disruptive innovation.

Autonomous Community to Achieve the Ultimate Efficiency of Collaboration

In the era of token economy, BitCherry has taken the lead in the world, and has constantly broken through the better community consensus and community autonomy model. With the stable development of the project, BitCherry gradually has a global team, global investors, and global community. BitCherry is committed to continuously improving the network experience of community users. With the continuous growth of ecology, BitCherry will provide more perfect incentive system, and provide contribution-based token incentive for mining, ecological construction, start-up teams and foundations. BitCherry focuses on community autonomy and improves the collaborative efficiency of all members in BitCherry ecology to an unprecedented level with a perfect consensus mechanism of blockchain. In the business ecological chain composed of material flow, information flow, capital flow and business flow, BitCherry uses consensus mechanism to gather complex nodes in the industry. Under the concept of co-construction and co-governance, the platform and business nodes cooperate with each other. Consumers, developers, and investors share the huge business value created together to realize the whole ecological profit.

Global distributed business ecology means massive trade opportunities, high-dimensional business model and extreme collaborative efficiency. The formal test of the v1.0.1 version of BitCherry testnet marks that the infrastructure of BitCherry network has begun to take shape, and BitCherry has started a new journey. In the future, BitCherry will have a blockchain infrastructure that can fully support all kinds of businesses. It will become a high-performance, high security and high availability provider and supporter of the underlying public chain for distributed business applications on the chain and build and drive the sustainable prosperity of the distributed business ecosystem. BitCherry deeply grasps the trend of technology and the pulse of business and is becoming a leader in the era of distributed business with the strength of disruptive innovation.

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