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Git Tags

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We use Git tags to create releases. In this video, you'll learn how to tags manually without Git Flow.

Creating tags

There are two ways to create a tag.

The first method:

  1. Go to your Git history in your Git client
  2. Right click on the commit you want to create a tag at
  3. Select create tag
  4. Name your tag

Right clicking on the commit in Git history

The second method

  1. Go to the sidebar
  2. Right click on the branch you want to create a tag at.
  3. Select create a tag
  4. Name your tag

Note: This will create a tag on the same commit at where the branch is at.

Right clicking on the branch in the sidebar

Deleting a tag

Right click on the tag and select "Delete tag".

Contextual menu when right clicking on a tag in the sidebar

Select delete tag from remote repositories to delete the tag from your remote as well.

Choice to delete tag from remote

Pushing tags

When you push changes to your remote, you can select push all tags to push tags into the remote. This is checked by default.

Choice to push tag into remote

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Discussion (2)

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lesha 🟨⬛️

Come on man, clicking around in some GUI Git client and creating Git tags manually are two opposite things.

puritanic profile image
Darkø Tasevski

There are two ways to create a tag.

Well... I think that you've missed the command line way