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Discussion on: Which is the best IDE for JavaScript development in 2022?

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Ezekiel Nwafor

I’ve heard a lot about jetbrains. I tried it a while ago but it didn’t stick. I was curious to really give jetbrains another go. Do you know of any resources to get a proper introduction?

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Andrei Dascalu

Sadly nothing comes to mind. When I got into JetBrains (via PHPStorm, but later tried PyStorm, Webstorm and Goland) it was based on recommendations and then I started researching on a case-by-case bases "how do I do X in PHPStorm" + just stumbling into features (and also some YouTube videos of how to use refactoring tools - which is still the most awesome JetBrains functionality that I've yet to see implemented in a useful way elsewhere, though IntelliJ has it for Java I think).