Adding RSS with .NET Core

Rishabh Gupta on December 23, 2018

This is 3rd post in continuation to my major project on this blog. RSS is an old technology and has been fading out of the general ecosystem over ... [Read Full]
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Thank you, Rishabh, it was a fun read.

I've noticed

This is 3rd post in continuation to my major project on this blog.

You can add a series tag as shown below for each post in the series

And it will show the series bubble in the post linking each post in the series using bubble like below.


:woohoo: 👐 I see the series now. Thanks Rishabh~

I've mostly finished getting it up and running. Since I'm not boating it with more features (like my other projects) :-P


I am a newbie and cannot get your code for RSS to build. What package do I need to get the XMLDocument to register?
I have tried several with no results.
I want to pull the data from an sql database to populate the RSSFeed so not sure about your mention of blob and main.json file.

Also where does htmlContent come from in content.InnerText = htmlContent;
Is htmlContent a variable or a description of other content to be put there?


Take a look at the solution,
Under MarkdownCheck folder for the code to create rss feed. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

htmlcontent is the blog post content, it is useful when external rss readers can can read the post without going to the link

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