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Learning Vanilla Javascript in 2020 & others part 1


Obviously the trend here and there is that every developer most jump from writing vanilla javascript or any other programming languages majorly, to writing a framework because thats the market trend now.

What’s do you think about this trend ?

Comment your view below, you are all welcome 😊😊

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Adnan Babakan (he/him) • Edited on

I believe learning and knowing vanilla JavaScript is essential for every developer who wants to work with it. But creating real web apps for clients and enterprise-level apps without frameworks is total stupidity. Once it was jQuery, now, it is Vue or React or etc. It depends on the developer to choose a framework since they are all great.

Imagine this:

const myText = document.getElementById('myText');
const result = document.getElementById('result');

const callback = function() {
  result.innerHTML = myText.value;

myText.addEventListener('keyup', callback);
myText.addEventListener('keydown', callback);

This was a vanilla JavaScript code to get a value from the input and write it done simultaneously (almost) in the result span.

This one is the jQuery flavoured one:

const myText = $('input#myText');

const myText.on('keyup keydown', function(){
    $('span#result').html(const myText.val());

And this is Vue styled one:

    <input type="text" v-model="myText" />
    <span>{{ myText }}</span>

export default {
    data() {
        myText: ''

You tell me which one looks easier?
Of course the last one.

So these technologies make a developer's life much easier.

I see no purpose in learning vanilla JavaScript to use in production but learning it is essential.

So if you meant to learn it to overcome the frameworks I respectfully disagree, but if you meant learning the frameworks is ruining people's understanding of JavaScript since they don't exactly know what is going on we'll I couldn't agree more.

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Emily Gagne

As someone who's been learning both vanilla & frameworks lately, I completely agree! I worked on frameworks first, just to get some of that instant-results motivation behind me, but I've definitely found that tinkering with Vanilla JS has helped me to deepen my understanding of fundamentals, especially the window and document objects.

And of course, there's always going to be some legacy system somewhere that will require knowledge of outdated tech, so it's nice to know for that as well.

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Oluwaseyifunmitan Author

The facts are

  1. Frameworks makes the work faster and kind of structured
  2. Vanilla Js is awwn to start with
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Oluwaseyifunmitan Author • Edited on

frameworks makes web development easier I totally agreed, and it’s totally true to learn & understand VANILLA JS

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frameworks come and go, vanilla js will stay there forever.
If you dont know vanilla js theres no point in jumping into a framework, frameworks like angular, vue, react are built with javascript, what it changes is the architecture that makes the code more organized and more easy to make apps and websites(but only if you understand vanilla js).

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Oluwaseyifunmitan Author

So true, I like that