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Discussion on: Extracting text from an image: Experiments with Shape Detection

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Your point about the state of Shape Recognition on different platforms . . . 'inconsistency of the web platform' cannot be overstated. Shape Recognition is currently not available on most major OSes including Chrome OS and earlier versions of Android.

Chrome on Windows seems to allow for Face and Text but no barcode recognition. I've got no idea how to enable Shape Recognition for a particular platform. Versions of the 'Play Support Libraries' for Android seem to cause issues for older versions of Android like Android 6 which provides no shape recognition support. Any pointers to when it will become generally available and how to enable the OS libraries to support the API Paul?

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Paul Kinlan Author

I'm still working with the teams to iron this out, but right now you can't even feature detect if it is going to work or not, you have to literally run the function and see if it fails.

No clear timeline for when it will be on the other platforms, my preference is to have WASM based fallbacks and progressively enhance when the platform supports the underlying capabilities.