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DataBase Vs Data Warehouse

Database and Data Warehouse are not the same at all. The major difference in both management systems is the type of storing data. The need for Data warehouses first occurred in 1970. There are two types of data.

  • Operational Data
  • Strategic Information

In a Nutshell, the Analysis of data is stored in Data Warehouse and the day-to-day use data is stored in the Database. Let's take a deep dive.

What's Database ?
A database is a storage management system of data where we can store terabytes of data or even Penta and zettabyte of data that we can use afterward to perform different actions at any time. The database is also of many types :

  • Structural Database
  • Unstructured Database
  • Hierarchical Database
  • Graph Database

What's Data Wearhouse ?
Data Warehouse is used to store the insights of Business. Data Warehouse holds Strategies and information about the business. Here stores the real-time data.

_What is the need for Data Warehouse: _

  • To get to know about the age group and gender of customers for the specific product
  • To know about the demand for the product
  • To know about the sales index of the product

Data Warehouse is :

  • Time Variant
  • Integration
  • Non-Versatile
  • Subject Oriented

You can store data insight of thousands of years, Integration means data is in Structural Format and your data cannot be changed if it is stored in the warehouse however we can add or delete the data permanently. Subject Oriented means data for specific requirement usage can be managed separately.

Data Warehouse is the important Topic in Data Engineering or Data Science Domain.

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