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Discussion on: Have you heard of Volta?

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Andre Greeff • Edited on

this post definitely needs more exposure! I believe you've just helped me get my head around Volta. (:

I'm so accustomed to explicitly installing Node runtimes, that I completely missed it at first; Volta works because we don't explicitly tell it to install a version..

bear with me for a moment here, because it was while reading a specific section that I imagined a "typical workflow" using Volta, and it all just suddenly made perfect sense:

First, volta install, it does what it says on the tin. It installs a specific version of a tool globally e.g. volta install node@12. This becomes the default on your machine which is used as a fallback for any projects that don't specify a version.

Secondly, volta pin allows you to set a version of a tool for the current project e.g. volta pin node@14. This gets stored in the package.json and is shared between all developers.

Here's the cool part, Volta automatically switches your toolchain whenever you change directory 🤯

....and with that knowledge, I understand volta install is to be used sparingly! as per the documentation, "The volta install command will set your default version of a tool."

so in a nutshell:

  • volta install node to set your environment default runtime version
  • volta pin node to set a custom runtime for a specific project
    • with the engines version range check..
  • node/npm/npx away to your hearts' content..

hmm.. I really like this idea! oh well. \O.o/ I'll miss nvm.. might even still use it from time to time, a simple omz custom plugin does do auto version changing on directory navigation, but even with that convenience, each installed version has it's own list of "global packages"...

is npm a victim of it's own success then, due to it's infamous node_modules folder..?? (and all the things that depend on it, of course) lol. but I digress..

regardless, I believe the engines field in a project's package.json will work well enough to ensure non-Volta users don't get left in the cold.

so thank you again! this post was an awesome find.. (: