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Discussion on: 8 techniques to write cleaner JavaScript code

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Andre Greeff

I'm normally somewhat sceptical of posts in this category, simply because so many of these points end up being very closely tied to the wonderful concept of "personal preference".. that said, this has some real gems, with some good clear examples. nicely done!

with regards to the idea of avoiding short-hand variable names, I agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying, but (..and there it is) I have one small exception to this "rule": and that is dinky, tiny, one-liner helper functions..

using your first splitName function as an example, simply because of how small it actually is, instead of writing it like this:

const splitName = (nameString) => {
  return nameString.split(' ');
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I personally would have written is like this:

const splitName = (n) => n.split(' ');
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with that said, as soon as the function arguments start growing, or the function body requires more than a single line, then both the implicit return and short-hand variable names go straight out the window.. tied to a rock.. shot by a cannon.. sometimes without even opening the window first.. (: