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re: Sometimes is maybe because testing got appropriated by TDD, if you don't do TDD you're not testing, if you don't TDD you are worthless. I don't li...

I did TDD once - properly. When I was building a cube library. It was a way to translate queries into MDX statements. I tried designing the application, like normal, and kept getting into knots. So I wrote it using TDD, and surprisingly with a bit of refactoring - the library was aweseome.
That was seven years ago and not for a client.
I only really write tests when working through logic or ideas. Very occasionally, if there are calculations or something which was hard to do and would benefit from a test for a developer in the future to view.
It is a strategic/team decision as to whether to have unit tests to help reduce regression fixes and completely agree it isn't something to undertake blindly.



I did TDD once - properly.

It sounds like an euphemism, sorry I had to say it, I couldn't help it. :D

Could probably think of funnier euphemisms, but it works. :)

you probably could, but that one, is special, it wasn't planned, came directly from your heart. :]

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