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re: Thanks for this! From early this year I've been trying to get into web development but I have to admit it's been really unfulfilling. Before that...

I'm curious why do you find it unfulfilling? Is it because the landscape is so fragmented and without clear guidelines? If so, I can relate to that.

Thanks for the kind words. With the series I've been trying to fill the gap with the existing tutorials as they usually do not focus on the architecture that much.


Yeah exactly that, I constantly felt lost when trying to learn, and even after completing a course I'd feel like I'd accomplished little. Whenever I finished a project I'd just be relieved that I wasn't working on it anymore haha.

App development is what lured me into programming so I decided I'd get back to it. I did web development because I thought it had a more secure future than mobile, kinda still do to be honest, but in the end I didn't like it much. I'd rather do something that doesn't make me want to pull my hair out.

Your videos are amazing by the way, I've done 5 from the playlist and it was an enjoyable learning experience :)

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