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Discussion on: Launched a free hosting for markdown-based presentations

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z0al • Edited on

What do you guys think, useful? Pointless? Does it work for you? Do you like the design?

I got your point, but ... I think "pointless" shouldn't be an option, take yourself seriously ;)

I have no prior experience with GitPitch or similar services, but since you didn't mention the reasons why you decided to build your own service, I'm assuming you did it for learning and fun (which is great), and you should be more proud of your work.

For me, the design is simple and awesome. However, I wish if you had added "Social login" using Facebook, Twitter ..etc because personally, I don't like to take more than a minute to sign up on any website, especially when I have to figure out a password (and of course memorize it later).

Great work, keep it up!

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Miguel Piedrafita Author

Social login implemented!

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Awesome, Thank you :)