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Release 2.0 - pr4

yzwdroid profile image Andy Yang ・1 min read

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Release 2.0 - pr4

For the fourth pull request, I worked on this issue [ The pull request is

I helped this repo to add a horizontal scrollbar on the table if the content is
overflow. This is done by adding a style to the CSS file.

display: block;
overflow-x: auto;
white-space: nowrap;
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How I failed to contribute to a large program.

I planned to fix this issue , but after three days of working, I found that is not an easy problem, I have to learn some third party libraries. And I asked for help on this issue, for now, no response yet.

What I learned in this year's hacktoberfest

Before this festival, I don't know how the open-source world work, how to file issue, how to help, how to ask help. I learned that communication is a key ability to work with others. Before we contribute to the program we should read the rules usually on a file named

This festival gives me a chance to really start. It's a small step but the most important step for me to contribute to the real open source world.

Thank Digital Ocean and my professor David.

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