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Yusuf Turhan Papurcu
Yusuf Turhan Papurcu

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Tracing Money in Development

After nearly 1 month, I am here with %40 but noticeable progress. I was so busy so I had a little chances in weeks to develop this fun product. In 1 month I worked less than 10 hours for this project.

And we have a really basic telegram bot 🎉🎉🎉

I am saying basic because this telegram bot has 2 commands at all. One command for expense logging and one command for income logging. It works and stores data to supabase. I think thats enough for first step. So before talking about our next steps lets talk about progress some.

I used go-telegram-bot-api as a telegram bot client library. This library is useful enough to create this bot. Also I used postgrest-go for implementing supabase. Also with postgrest-go I can use local postgreSQL for testing. Thats a nice feature.

For testing I created very basic docker-compose. Even I didn't write that. I copied from postgrest document :)

And thats the progress. Oh also I created a logo for this project. You can see it on github organization. I wrote $ in excalidraw and screenshooted it.

For next I will do some data science and I will create usage analysis for my expenses. I hope this project can reach its destination.

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