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Yusuf Turhan Papurcu
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Make your own product at home.

I want to share my experiences while developing scripts and make them usable products. Please do not understand wrong. I want to share, I don't have that experience πŸ˜…

I will wrote about this project a lot if I can make it running an usable. Also I think that will be a great article sequence if it will complete.

So what is "this project"?

I want to trace my money and make fancy graphs with it. I know there is a lot of tools that makes this. But I want to make it open source and I want more than "basic tracking app that runs on your phone". I want more details and specification while it can be usable on anywhere.

So I decided to make my own tool for that. Actually this will be so funny and inspiring. Because this concept is so general. Not for just tracing money you can track anything if you decide to make time for write them. Just think about time tracking tools. Aren't they working in this way? Start-Pause-End just write how much time I spend to this task. Same thing in money tracking. Buy-Sell just write how much money I spend this month. Look they are so similar, Insomuch of this sentences are the same structure.

Ok, this make sense. Let's start to think about it.

Lets make this clear. This project is based on data. We can do anything with it. But first we need data. So we must collect it. I listed some ideas about collecting data.

  • Telegram Bot: This is our golden apple. Easy to use and accessible from everywhere. And so easy to build. We just need to write some regex. Nothing much.
  • Website: Nope we are in 2022 why we want to struggle with this? Just kidding. I don't have time and ability for this section.
  • Mobile Application: Same as website.
  • Writing Directly to Database: LUL If you want to try nothing can hold you back.

Please don't understand wrong. We don't have to make a choice. Every idea has own strengths and applicable. The rest doesn't matter as long as it saves our data.

After this point lay down and start to think about how can we store our data. So this was easy question. This is also flexible. I wrote my first day to the "" file. Of course you can do better. For now I will use Supabase. Supabase is easy to use open source firebase alternative. Also they are provide free service :D

Oh we didn't give a name to our work. It's must be simple and memorable name. What about "Tracing Money"? I got telegram bot and GitHub organization for this name. I will clear them and link to here.

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