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re: Currently the boilerplate from Svelte GitHub page comes with rollup and I'm having values around 0.5s to start the dev server and build, would that...

Depending on the project reloading might be faster. It is not bound to Svelte so you will be able to use it with other projects or plain js as well. It does not bundle your code, but rather serve it as ESM. Production mode will take care of images minification and other optimisations and you won't need to configure anything. You can use it as a smart static server that just understand your needs.

Alright alright, it seems like a good tool for no configuration projects. I will keep it on the list to check later. If you are interested in Svelte, in a few days will release a new post.

Sure it is my favourite framework, I love it and advocate for it here and there.

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