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Ryan Westlund
Ryan Westlund

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What's more frustrating than compiling a C program?

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Muhammad Faran Aiki

I am sure everyone will agree with this, or maybe they do not understand what I just have said.
Yes, you are right, compiling C is sometimes frustating (no, I am not a C programmer).
But, compiling and linking bootloader (especially assembly) with a kernel (C kernel) is very hard, that is why I almost gave up at making an Operating System.

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Compiling a Java program that doesn't use any build system and imports some obscure libraries using .jar files. Bonus points if there are circular dependencies involved.

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Karan Gandhi

Compiling chromium.

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Frédéric Bonnet

Compiling a C++ language.

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Paul J. Lucas

Seeing all the wrong answers on the Internet to C questions is more frustrating that compiling a C program.

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trying to understand JS